Three R’s of building your practice – Recruiting, Retaining & Referrals – Part III

Referrals –

Referrals are important because they come from a credible third-party that has first hand experience with your service. They are even more powerful when they come from a friend because a real friend would never steer you wrong. Referrals are also amazing because they almost never cost you anything. You reap the benefits of the most effective advertising available for absolutely nothing!

According to recent research, almost 45% of service businesses are chosen based on the recommendations of others. Also, clients that give referrals tend to be more loyal to you and your practice. When someone endorses you, psychologically they will become more loyal to you.

How to get referrals-

The simple answer is, they won’t just come lining up outside your door. You have to ask for them. Most therapists I speak with tell me that they are afraid to ask for referrals. They think it will seem pushy. If you provide a beneficial service at a reasonable price and you truly care enough about your clients to give your best, there is nothing to fear. People want to help you. Just think about that last batch of Girl Scout cookies you bought!

I always gave my clients 3-4 of my business cards. The difference is that I had the words “Referred by:” printed on the back. I would write the clients name in for them before I gave them the cards. I would simply state that if they knew of someone in their circle of friends or associates that might benefit from my services as they had, please give them one of these cards. I just like to know who sends people in so I can thank them. This is a great way to get clients talking about you.

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