Massage Therapy & the Information Age

clinic-desktop-hero-large-web3Gracefully combining the oldest therapy with the latest technology

As massage therapists, we study anatomy & physiology, technique, business ethics, etc. Hopefully, as we grow and mature in our practice we learn to tap into the energy that is around us

  • Our energy
  • Energy of our clients
  • Energy that we create in our work environment

We learn to utilize this energy to enhance our work. Using this energy takes us from a place of just “going through the motions” to another level of effective healing. All the technique in the world will only carry you so far. As we all have learned, there is positive energy & negative energy. We learn to utilize the positive energy and shake off or re-route the negative energy. Contrary to what some may believe, computers and technology are not negative energy (except for spam, this is very negative energy. Shake this off any way you can.)

As massage therapists, we have a tendency to be right brained. I have heard many therapists say that they just don’t “get” computers and the use of software and the internet. I hear them say that they are “lost” when it comes to technology. I will submit to you that just as when you started on this road to becoming a massage therapist, and you opened that anatomy & physiology book, and you put your shaking hands on that first tightly draped partner in your practical class, that what got you from that point to where you are now, was overcoming your own fear and having a commitment to becoming a professional. Technology will only remain “scary” if you view it as an adversary instead of an ally. There are many tutorials and “dummies” books available that make using a computer and the other technology around us much easier. As our industry changes, and we start to see our vocation become more a part of the mainstream medical community (and make no mistake, it is) it is important that we remain firmly grounded in the roots of our training and the spirit of our chosen calling. However, we must also be aware of and move forward with the rest of the world or be left behind. If you own a computer, and all you use it for is writing a few letters, checking your email, and instant messaging your “buddies”, you are missing the best part of having it. You have one of the most powerful tools that mankind has ever devised. Do not utilize only ten percent of its capabilities, make it an extension of who and what you are. Use it just the same as you use your table and your other equipment. Technology can be transformed into very positive energy and it is up to you to make that transformation on a personal level. Don’t give up, you can and will master it if you make the commitment.

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