Our Team Of Experts

Stephen A. Kreger



Jay Ashbridge


Vice President

Tim Bachli

Marketing Director

Joe Ashbridge


Technical Support

Ken Kreger

Shipping and Production Manager

The Island Software Story

Island Software was founded by Stephen Kreger, a licensed massage therapist practicing in Texas.  While running a growing spa with five therapists, he saw the need for software to manage the practice.  Searching for a software package that was tailored to the massage industry was difficult, the options were either not very useful or extremely complicated and expensive.  After much research, Steve asked a longtime friend to assist him with creating an application that was more suited to the needs of massage therapists.  Jay, a software developer with extensive experience creating these types of applications for Fortune 500 companies, agreed to create the program.  Steve and Jay formed Island Software Company and sold the first Massage Office™ license to a customer in December of 1999.   Since that time they have gone on to support tens of thousands of customers, not only to massage therapists, but also to chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and several other types of health practitioners.


And that’s how it all started.